Everything You Need to Know About WEBM

The internet offers to convert your favorite YouTube video into a format of your choosing. But which format will be ideal for you, you keep wondering. If you’re thinking of downloading the video of your choice in MP4, you might want to reconsider because there is a format that guarantees a high resolution at a small file size – WEBM.

What is WEBM

WEBM is an audio and video media format that is completely royalty-free. It is an alternative that can be used in HTML5 audio and video elements. It came into being because of Google’s sponsorship and at this moment, it is distributed under a Berkeley Source Distribution (BSD) license. Most of the browsers we use, including Google Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox support the format. Unfortunately, Safari still does not provide native support for it. 

Why Convert to WEBM

WEBM was mainly developed for use in webpages to ensure that video playback remains smooth – something that other file formats do not guarantee. This is because the WEBM format requires very little in terms of computational resources. An added advantage of this format is that high resolution and otherwise demanding videos can be played back easily on computers or phones that do not have much in terms of processing power. This means that your ancient laptop can play the format quite easily without turning into a fire hazard. WEBM drastically reduces the size of the video file while still maintaining a very high quality, which makes it the ideal format for those who are interested in streaming. 

WEBM as a format has a ton of advantages. The reason is because of how it is coded – it uses VP8 (in some cases VP9) and this allows it to be played on a wide variety of devices irrespective of their computing power. Now, looking at YouTube, it mostly uses H.264/H.265 codecs, and this makes it far less versatile. This is one of the reasons people convert YouTube videos to WEBM. 

So, to sum it up, you should convert YouTube videos to WEBM if you:

  • Want high-resolution videos with a very small size
  • Are looking to embed the video into your webpage
  • Want to watch high-resolution videos on your potato phone or computer
  • Are a streamer and looking for a format that does not compromise the quality of your stream

YouTube to WEBM Converter

If you’re looking for a way to convert YouTube videos to WEBM, we would recommend CoConvert to do the job for you. CoConvert is the most convenient way you can convert and save your favorite YouTube videos in the WEBM format. This means you can download and save HD videos in 4k and 8k. CoConvert is an online tool that is completely free, and allows you to download YouTube videos/playlists, Facebook videos/livestreams, and Instagram videos. 

How to Convert YouTube to WEBM Using CoConvert

It has never been easier to convert videos from YouTube to WEBM. With CoConvert, all you need to do is insert the URL of the video you want to save and click on the download. CoConvert’s Mobile WebApp removes all the hassle of downloading and installing an application by providing you with an interface that has been optimized for mobiles. And the best part is that this service is completely free. An added bonus – it is free from malware and phishing ads that are the bane of our existence. Use CoConvert for all your conversion needs!


Coconvert is an online video converter tool for everyone! We make the process of converting videos fun and easy. Just insert the URL of the video or playlist you want to convert and download, click the download button, and enjoy!

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