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SoundCloud is one of the best platforms to listen to music and podcasts for free. If you want to download content from it, you can find a solution for that here.

CoConvert is the perfect site to convert your favorite songs on SoundCloud to MP4 format. That's because the conversions don't even take a minute. After you start, the downloads are ready in seconds. The site also has several features to help you convert and download countless songs and podcasts from SoundCloud.

Registration or payment isn't necessary to use our tool. Once you enter, you can start downloading unlimited videos for free.

Discover more about our SoundCloud to MP4 converter below!

What is the MP4 format?

Popularly known as MP4, the MPEG-4 Part 14 is a multimedia container format for storing mainly audio and video data. It also can contain metadata, text, and images. Based on the QuickTime File Format, MP4 is a lossy format. Its filename extension is .mp4.

It was developed by the International Organization for Standardization and released in 2001. It's the most used multimedia format, and it supports streaming over the Internet.

Pros and cons of the MP4 format

The MP4 format has many advantages over other multimedia formats like AVI. In general, those are:

And although MP4 is great, it has its disadvantages:

Are MP4 and M4A the same?

No, MP4 and M4A are not the same, but they are related.

Indeed, both are MPEG-4 formats, and they are even the same format. But they don't store the same kind of data. MP4 store multimedia, but M4A only contain audio.

The .m4a extension was created to differentiate an audio-visual MP4 file from an audio-only file.

How to convert SoundCloud songs to MP4

Our tool is simple to use. At first look, you will notice few things are more manageable than using our tool. Some clicks are enough to download even dozens of videos at once.

The process is as follows:

  1. Look up the URL of the track you want to download from SoundCloud. Copy and paste it in the box above afterward.
  2. Choose MP4 as the output format.
  3. Set the start and the end of the playlist by clicking on settings (optional).
  4. Click on download.

Some seconds after that, your SoundCloud tracks will be MP4 files saved in your device storage.

How does MP4 work?

The MP4 format is a container or wrapper. It embeds various data streams into a single file to have both at the same time. This allows the simultaneous playback of audio and video.

Why download SoundCloud tracks?

SoundCloud is like Spotify or Deezer. It's one of the best platforms to listen to music and podcasts for free online. But it doesn't have any feature to download tracks.

You have to use online downloaders to save SoundCloud tracks on your device. Otherwise, it's impossible. That's the main reason, and there are more:

SoundCloud has ads, and they interrupt your playback. Once you download your favorite songs, they'll not bother you again.

It's possible to find geo-restricted content on SoundCloud. You can bypass such blocks by downloading the tracks.

The songs and podcasts on SoundCloud are always there until they don't. Creators can remove all their content from the site in a blink. If you want to save any track forever, you can download it with our tool.

If you're in someplace with no Internet, you can't access SoundCloud. But downloading content from SoundCloud allows you to have access to that content anywhere at any time.

Can CoConvert convert entire SoundCloud playlists to MP4?

Yes, you can convert whole playlists to MP4 using CoConvert.

The process to download playlists from SoundCloud barely different from the one already shown. The only difference is, you have to use the URL of a playlist instead of the URL of a single track.

This feature allows you to download simultaneous tracks at once.

Does Windows 10 convert SoundCloud tracks to MP4?

Windows 10 can't download SoundCloud tracks as MP4 files by itself. But Windows users can use their PCs to access CoConvert and perform the conversion with our tool. CoConvert works perfectly with PCs with Windows 7 and up.

The site also supports other kinds of computers. CoConvert is available for Chromebook laptops, Linux, and Mac computers.

Which Web Browser ConConvert supports?

You can access CoConvert with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Silk Browser, Safari, and any chromium-based web browsers.

Does CoConvert work with mobile devices?

Some converters are not available for mobile devices. That's wrong, especially in times when most people use their phones more than computers. But CoConvert is not like that, and we don't negate access to anyone.

You can use CoConvert with your iPhone, iPad, Amazon Fire tablet, or Android phone and tablet.

Can CoConvert convert tracks from SoundCloud to other formats besides MP4?

Yes, CoConvert has other format options besides MP4. Whereas other platforms offer two options, CoConvert offers nine.

Besides MP4, CoConvert allows you to convert online content to MP3, M4A, AAC. FLAC, OPUS, WAV, and WebM.

Is it safe to convert SoundCloud songs to MP4 using online converters?

Yes, it's safe to use online converters, especially CoConvert.

Our site is regularly tested to keep it safe for you. That way, you can download all the videos you want without facing a cyber threat, like malware or phishing. We also comply with Google security standards. Your privacy is also safe here because we don't keep any record of your conversions and downloads.

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