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In this era of the Internet and streaming, Twitch has proven to be one of the best sources of entertainment on the Web year after year, especially to those interested in gaming live streaming.

Either to stream tutorials, gameplays, tournaments, demos, or whatever is related to the video games world, Twitch is the perfect platform for you. It's the largest live streaming service worldwide with hundreds of millions of users, after all.

We know that this platform is important for gamers. Therefore, we give you here at CoConvert the perfect tool to download your favorite videos from Twitch: our Twitch Clips downloader.

Discover the benefits of the tool and how our platform works below!

What is a Twitch clip?

As you may know, Twitch is primarily a platform for live streaming. However, it also offers videos on demand (VODs), which are videos you can stream at any time. All Twitch live streams become VODs after their end, but they are only hosted on the website for up to 60 days if you're a premium user. Once that period ends, the entire VOD disappears forever because Twitch deletes it.

Despite that, there's a way to 'immortalize' videos on Twitch servers, and that is creating Twitch clips from your favorite live streams.

A clip is a VOD type on Twitch created from live streams; it is, in short, an excerpt or segment from a particular stream that any user can create. Clips can be from 5 to 60 seconds long, and, unlike common VODs, they don't expire. Once you create a clip, it will be on Twitch forever unless you delete it.

So along with the highlights, clips are the best way to make the best moments of any stream last forever. And you can download them with our tool.

What is an online Twitch Clips Downloader?

Among its many features, CoConvert is also an online Twitch clips downloader. That is, it's a web-based tool to download clips from Twitch from a web browser without needing to install any new program on your device.

Since it works on the Internet, all processes are done on the cloud instead of your computer or mobile device, ensuring fast conversions and downloads.

Online downloaders like CoConvert present many advantages, mainly download top speeds and simplicity. But beyond that, and in the case of Twitch, the major benefit they provide is that they are the only way to download clips from Twitch since the platform itself does not allow you to do so. So if you want to download Twitch clips, use our tool at CoConvert.

How to download Twitch clips at CoConvert

As with anything else on CoConvert, downloading clips from Twitch with our tool is simple and fast. Few things in the world are easier, actually. And don't worry if you don't have any computing knowledge, because you only need to know how to click or tap and browsing on the Web.

To download Twitch clips using our Twitch clip downloader, just follow the subsequent steps:

  1. Look on Twitch the URL of the clip/collection you want to download.
  2. Copy and paste it on the 'Insert URL here' box above.
  3. Choose the quality on which you wish to download the video.
  4. Click settings. Then, set out the start and the end of the Twitch playlist (Optional).
  5. Click download.

And in a matter of seconds, CoConvert will process the Twitch clip so you can download it almost instantly.

As you can see, the downloading process on our site is more straightforward than most methods. Our advice is to use our platform to download Twitch clips in the easiest way possible.

Is it possible to download Twitch Collections?

On Twitch, it is also possible to group videos in a playlist for better organization. These are called collections within the platform.

We allow you to download entire Twitch collections of all the videos at once at CoConvert. The only difference with downloading a single clip is that you must insert the URL of a Twitch collection instead of the one of a Twitch clip. And the best is that the process is almost as fast as when downloading one clip.

If your plan is to download more than one clip, you can speed up your downloads with this CoConvert feature because we allow you to download collections of even 100 clips. And that's why our tool is the fastest one on the Web.

In what video quality is it possible to download the clips?

That depends entirely on the original video quality of the content. If the clip you want to download was uploaded to Twitch in 480p quality, there is no way you can download it in higher quality. But rest assured that if the Twitch clip is on HD, you can download it on that video quality with no problem.

You can download Twitch clips on 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K, and even 4K if you wish.

On what devices is CoConvert available?

We'll be direct and tell you that you'll most likely have access to CoConvert regardless of the device you use if you have an Internet connection. You can download Twitch clips with almost any device using our platform.

Our Twitch Clip Downloader works with Windows PCs, Mac Computers, iOS devices, Android phones and tablets, and Amazon Kindle Fire tablets. Likewise, you can access our tool through any web browser, including the most popular ones like Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

Is it safe to download clips from Twitch?

It depends entirely on the method you use. Some ways could put your device in danger. You could expose your mobile device or computer to malware or find phishing threats by choosing the wrong one.

That's not the case with CoConvert. Our platform is entirely free from viruses and any other kind of cyber threat, given our regular testing. Therefore, we provide you with a reliable and safe way to download your favorite Twitch clips and collections with a few clicks in seconds.