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YouTube is the perfect site to listen to music online. Practically all artists upload their music to YouTube; you will find your favorite songs there most of the time. But the largest video-sharing platform worldwide lacks something: an option to download YouTube music to listen to it offline. Lucky for you, we have a solution for that.

CoConvert is a powerful YouTube Audio Downloader you can use for free. It allows you to download all the videos you want in several formats. To use CoConvert, access the site and start downloading right now!

What is an online YouTube Audio Downloader?

An online YouTube Audio Downloader is a web-based tool to download songs and podcasts from YouTube. It converts YouTube videos into audio files you can enjoy offline.

CoConvert is such a tool, and it's one you can use for free.

Why download videos from YouTube?

Ads stop interrupting your videos when you download them.

Downloading videos with CoConvert is a simple way to geo-restrictions and other kinds of blocks.

If your Internet is slow, you can say goodbye to lag problems by downloading the videos from YouTube.

How to download music or podcasts from YouTube

  1. Look up the URL of the video you will download. Copy and paste the link on the box above afterward.
  2. Select the desired output audio format.
  3. Set the start and the end of the playlist by clicking on settings.
  4. Click download.

What is the best audio format for music?

The best audio format depends on your needs.

If you're looking for a space-saving format, then MP3, M4A, or AAC are the best for that. But you should choose FLAC or WAV if you want the highest audio quality possible.

Does Safari download audio from YouTube?

Safari is unable to convert YouTube videos to audio files. But you can turn Safari into a YouTube Audio Downloader using CoConvert. Our YouTube downloader also works on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and chromium-based Web browsers.

Can Windows 10 convert YouTube videos to audio files?

By itself, Windows 10 can't convert YouTube videos to audio files. But you can use your PC to access CoConvert and download YouTube videos with our tool.

Any other computer can do the same, including Mac computers, Linux, and Chromebook laptops.

Is it possible to download YouTube music with iPhones?

You can use your iOS to download YouTube music and more with our YouTube Audio Downloader. You only have to access the site to use our platform.

CoConvert is also available for Android devices and Amazon Fire tablets.

How to convert YouTube playlists to Audio files

CoConvert is also a YouTube playlist downloader. That means you can use our tool to convert entire playlists to audio files.

All you have to do is use the URL of a playlist instead of the link to a YouTube video.

Is it safe to use online YouTube Audio Downloaders?

CoConvert is one of the most reliable YouTube audio downloaders you will find on the Web.

Our site is regularly tested to maintain cyber defenses as high as possible. We also comply with Google security standards.

You will never find malware when downloading videos here.