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As the largest video-hosting platform worldwide, YouTube is the best site to watch videos online. It has countless content you can watch and share for free. But although it's a great site, nothing is better than watching videos offline. That's why you should use our tool and download the videos from YouTube.

CoConvert is one of the most powerful YouTube to FLV converters out there. Our tool is free, doesn't require registration, and has no download limits. Start converting and downloading your favorite videos now!

What is the YouTube to FLV format?

Popularly known as FLV, Flash Video is a digital multimedia container format. It was designed to provide video over the Web.

FLV was developed by Adobe Systems and released in 2002. It can contain audio, video, and text.

How does the FLV format work?

The FLV format is a multimedia container. That means the format itself doesn't encode the data; it only stores it. As a "wrapper," FLV embeds the audio and video data into a single file. This makes the simultaneous playback of both possible.

What are the advantages of the FLV format?

How to convert YouTube videos to FLV files

  1. Find the URL of the video you wish to download on YouTube. Copy and paste the URL on the box above afterward.
  2. Select FLV as the desired output format.
  3. Set out the start and end of the playlist by clicking on settings (optional).
  4. Click on download!

Why download videos from YouTube?

How to convert YouTube playlists to FLV

You can convert the videos within a YouTube playlist to FLV at once with CoConvert. Our tool is also a YouTube Playlist Downloader.

To convert a playlist to FLV, use the URL of a playlist instead of the URL of a video.

Does Windows 10 convert YouTube videos to FLV?

Windows 10 doesn't come with any conversion tool. But you can use your PC to access CoConvert and convert videos from YouTube to the FLV format.

Our tool also works on other kinds of computers, like Mac, Chromebooks, and Linux.

Can iOS convert videos from YouTube to FLV?

Our online YouTube to FLV converter is mobile-friendly. That means you can access CoConvert and download YouTube videos with your iPhone or iPad.

CoConvert also supports other mobile devices, like Android phones and Amazon Fire tablets.

Is it secure to convert videos from YouTube to FLV online?

CoConvert is one of the safest sites to convert videos from YouTube to FLV.

First, we comply with Google security standards. We also regularly test our site to maintain it free of any cyber threat.

When downloading content here, you will never face malware or the like.