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YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform worldwide. With more than a billion users, it's the perfect site to find entertainment. The only problem is, YouTube doesn't leave you to download the videos. But you can start enjoying your favorite YouTube videos offline using CoConvert.

CoConvert is a powerful YouTube to MOV converter where you can download unlimited videos. To use our tool, you don't have to register or pay. All you need is access to the site to begin downloading.

What is the MOV format?

The QuickTime File Format, also known as MOV, is a digital multimedia container used by the QuickTime framework.

It was developed by Apple and released in 1998. Since it was extended from MPEG-4 Part 12, MOV can store audio, video, and text.

What are the advantages of the MOV format?

MOV is more straightforward to edit than other container formats, like MP4 or MKV. It's the standard format for professional video editing due to that.

Since the MOV format uses lossy compression, the file sizes are considerably smaller than uncompressed formats.

How to open MOV files?

MOV format is the default format used for the QuickTime framework. If you can't open MOV files on your PC, you have to install QuickTime to do that.

To open MOV files in phones and Linux, you should install VLC.

How does the MOV format work?

The MOV format is a digital container. That means it doesn't encode the data; it only stores it.

Containers like MOV embed video and audio data in a single file. This is what makes simultaneous video and audio playback possible.

Are MP4 and MOV the same?

MP4 and MOV are not the same, but they are related.

MP4 and MOV support the same MPEG-4 formats and contain the same kinds of data. They were also extended from the same format: MPEG-4 Part 12.

How to convert videos from YouTube to MOV files

Find the URL of the video you want to download on YouTube. Afterward, copy and paste the link on the box above.

Choose MOV as the output format.

Set the start and the end of the playlists by clicking on Settings (optional).

Click on download.

Why download videos from YouTube?

Watching videos offline can be a way to avoid ads forever.

If your Internet fails, you will still have access to the downloaded video.

You can bypass geo-restrictions and other kinds of blocks to videos by downloading them with tools like CoConvert.

How to convert videos from YouTube to MOV using Android

Some converters don't work with mobiles. CoConvert is not one of them!

To download YouTube videos with your phone, only access our site. Our YouTube to MOV converter works on iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and Amazon Fire tablets.

Can Google Chrome convert YouTube videos to MOV?

Google Chrome can't download YouTube videos to MOV files. But you can turn your Web browser into a YouTube converter with our tool!

CoConvert also is available for Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Silk Browser, and any chromium-based browser.

Is it safe to use online YouTube to MOV converters?

CoConvert is one of the safest sites to perform online conversions. That's because we test our site regularly to maintain cyber defenses as high as possible. No matter what, you will never find malware or phishing threats when using our platform.