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What's your favorite music genre? No matter if it's rock, pop, electronic music, or classical music, YouTube is one of the best ways to listen to your favorite songs and discover new ones. But it's even better to listen to your preferred artists offline with the best quality possible, only provided by the WAV format. But how can you do this?

Since YouTube has practically endless content, the optimal method to create your personal music playlist is converting music videos to WAV format and downloading them. And you can do that here at Coconvert using our online free converter, one of the best on all the Web.

Keep reading and discover why WAV is the best option to listen to music at the highest quality possible!

What's the WAV audio format?

Released in August 1991, Waveform Audio File Format, popularly known as WAV due to its filename extension, is an audio file format developed by IBM and Microsoft.

The WAV file format is a raw audio format, mainly containing uncompressed lossless audio. This ensures the highest audio quality possible because the recorded audio keeps immaculate and with high fidelity. For such a reason, Wav is the audio format of choice for the music industry and the like. And, in case you wonder how widespread this format is, just consider it's the standard audio format for Windows PC.

However, they have a slight drawback: WAV files take a lot of storage space, as they are uncompressed data. A 1-minute WAV file can be easily 10 MB in size, or even 16 MB. It's all for the high fidelity!

Advantages of Using WAV

The WAV file format guarantees ultra-high audio quality and the highest audio fidelity possible. That's possible because it's an uncompressed format, and it doesn't lose any piece of data as it happens with MP3 files, which sacrifices audio quality for small file sizes. In short, WAV files sounds almost like exact replicas of the original audio source. But let's see their distinct advantages over compressed audio formats like MP3:

So, as long as storage space is not a problem for you, and you have a sharp ear eager for high-quality audio, WAV files are for you.

Start now to convert all the videos you want from YouTube to WAV audio format at Coconvert; it's the best option of all.

Why download videos from YouTube

Although listening to music directly from Youtube is quite effortless and plentiful, the mere act of streaming implies some limitations. Let's see the advantages of downloading videos from YouTube with CoConvert.

  1. First of all, it gives you freedom. YouTube always requires you to be connected to the Internet. Otherwise, you wouldn't have access to the videos. Internet connection is not available everywhere, so you cannot listen to music from YouTube whenever you want, but only when you are connected to the Internet. This doesn't happen when you have the music stored on your device, as you play the songs offline without needing Internet at all. You can listen to your favorite artists genuinely everywhere at any time on the device of your preference when you download the music.
  2. You save money. Internet is not free; we all know that. If you use Youtube to listen to music, you'd be consuming from 114 MB to 1,65 GB per hour, depending on the quality you choose. And listening to music is an activity that many people enjoy doing for hours. Still, it would be a costly thing to do if a specific data packet limits you. So you save money by downloading the music from YouTube and listening to it offline.
  3. You avoid lag. Lag is the most annoying enemy of slow or unstable Internet connections. It's very frustrating to listen to a song that stops every five seconds, and for that reason, streaming it's not the best for some. But such a thing doesn't happen when you have the music stored in your device.
  4. No ads. Almost as annoying as lag, ads on YouTube are very irritating at times. For example, when listening to a music album, the last thing you want is that an unsolicited video stops the playback of your favorite songs. By downloading the music from YouTube with our online tool, you can say goodbye to ads forever.

And those are the main advantages of downloading YouTube videos instead of playing them online.

But there's another one related to converting the YouTube videos to WAV files. That way, you'll have access to the songs at the highest quality possible at any time, and you'll not depend on your Internet speed to play them. Start using CoConvert; we provide you with the best YouTube to WAV converter tool on the Internet.

How to convert YouTube videos or playlists to WAV

Converting and downloading YouTube videos with CoConvert is something straightforward to do. The best feature is that we allow you to convert and download entire YouTube playlists so that you can get up to 100 videos at once. And the process is fast. It only takes some clicks.

All you have to do is:

  1. Look for the link to the YouTube video or playlist you want to download.
  2. Copy and paste it in the URL box above.
  3. Choose WAV as output format.
  4. Click settings if you need to configure how many videos you want to download from the playlist.
  5. Click download.

And that's all you have to do. CoConvert will convert the YouTube videos to WAV in seconds, and then you just have to download them.

Convert YouTube Videos to WAV with Coconvert

If you are not short of storage space and you are a hi-fi lover, feel free to convert YouTube videos to WAV format with CoConvert. It's the only way to get the highest quality audio.