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Here at Coconvert, we provide you with a comprehensive tool to convert YouTube videos and playlists to many formats. You can choose to convert the videos to WAV, MP3, Ogg, MP4, M4A, and more, including the WebM format.

If you plan to convert and download YouTube videos to said format, we invite you to use our platform, for that matter. You'll immediately notice that we're among the best online conversion tool on the Web due to our high conversion speeds and simplicity.

Discover the other charms of our platform, including how to use it, below!

What is the WebM format?

Developed by On2, Xiph, Matroska, and Google, the WebM is a multimedia file format released in 2010. It was created as an alternative to use for HTML5 multimedia elements. Therefore, it's designed to share videos on the Web.

This format, which container structure resembles that of the Matroska (MKV) format, stores compressed audio and video data. Initially, this video format contained VP8 video and Vorbis audio, but since 2013 it also supports VP9 video and Opus audio.

Most web browsers support this format, as it's commonly used for online video streaming.

How to open WebM files?

If you want to convert videos to WebM files, it would be helpful if you knew how to open this kind of file. And you'll glad to know that this is really simple to do.

WebM format was designed for the Web, so you'll find WebM files embedded on websites in most instances. For that reason, the leading programs to open them are web browsers. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and many more, support it natively so that you can use them to stream and open WebM files.

At first, Safari didn't support this format. As a result, people had to install a plugin in the browser to open and play WebM files with Safari. But since Safari 14.1 version, the Apple web browser started to support it natively.

You can also open and play WebM files with Android devices, as this Operating System supports it natively. And, finally, famous players like VLC media player, K-Multimedia Plater, and MPlayer also allow you open and play WEBM files.

How to convert videos to YouTube videos to WebM files

Converting YouTube videos to WebM files is easier than you might think, especially with our conversion tool. CoConvert counts with an intuitive interface designed to make the task simple for everyone, unlike the complex conversion apps. For that reason, you don't need deep knowledge of computing or the like to convert the videos to the desired format when using our converter.

The whole process is quite fast. You can convert your Youtube videos to WebM files with few clicks in seconds here. You just have to:

  1. Find on YouTube the URL of the video or playlist you want to download.
  2. Copy and paste the link to the video or playlist on the "Insert URL here" box above.
  3. Choose the WebM format as the format output.
  4. Click settings and set which videos of the playlist you want to download (optional).
  5. Click the download button.

And that's all. After waiting some seconds, you'll be able to download your videos in WebM format.

Is it possible to convert YouTube playlists?

Yes, you can convert entire YouTube playlists all videos at once at CoConvert.

We added this feature to our converter because we know that it can be really tedious to repeat the same conversion process repeatedly. Converting dozens of videos one by one can be a too-long task. But that's not a problem on our site because you can convert up to 100 videos simultaneously with our tool.

The only condition is that the videos you want to convert to WebM files are gathered in a YouTube playlist.

The process to convert entire playlists is no different from the one of converting a single video. Just add the URL of a playlist instead of the URL of one video, and that's all.

Why download videos from YouTube?

Although streaming from YouTube is straightforward and cool, no one can deny that nothing beats playing videos offline from your device. And the only way to play YouTube videos offline is by converting and downloading them with converters like ours.

The reasons for this are simple:

And those are the reasons why it is better to download videos from YouTube to watch them offline.

In conclusion, you'll be able to watch them under any circumstances with no interruptions, no matter what.

Is it secure to convert videos and playlists from YouTube to WebM?

You don't have to worry about viruses or malware while using our tool. And you'll not even find one phishing threat here either. The reason for that is that we regularly test our site to keep it free from any cyberthreat. Likewise, we meet Google security standards so that you can be completely secure here.

Therefore, we tell you that it is entirely safe to use CoConvert to convert videos from YouTube to WebM files.

However, not all converters are safe. You can find out there some online conversion tools that could be a threat to your device. So our advice is that you should only use reliable platforms to download content from YouTube.